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Kyla & Her Boys

Boys love their mamas and these boys are no exception.  I have known Kyla for a couple of years now and have seen how much these boys adore her.  Such sweet and adorable little boys!

When Kyla asked me to take pictures, the goal was to capture Owen, who just turned 5 years old, in this moment.  Five years old, the age that seems to be a turning point where they become more mature and independent.  As an added bonus, we were able to capture several other shots of Owen with Kyla & Eli to complete their story.

Kisses for mommy – LOVE!

How quickly they grow – such a big boy now!

Love this picture of the brothers just hanging out.
Kyla – your boys are adorable!  Thank you for the opportunity to capture this moment for you and tell your story. 


Sound-off 1 – 2; Sound-off 3 – 4…

I don’t know what you’ve been told…but Kaleb turned six years old!  Sound-off; 1 – 2; Sound-off; 3 – 4…

For my son’s birthday party this year we decided on an army themed party and boy was I excited to start planning the second the theme was selected!  I love planning parties that include lots of little details to give the event that special touch.  I drive my husband crazy because he always gets dragged in to help out :).  Well, I must give him tons of credit this year for helping pull together such a fun party!  Not only did he help plan the obstacle course and put all the labels on the water bottles, he dressed up as the drill sergeant and led the kids through boot camp!

As the kids report for duty, they sign in at the registration/induction desk.

Big shout out to the Army Recruiting office in Issaquah for providing some amazing items for the party favor bags.The kids then headed out to get their pictures taken by the flag.

They lined up and marched off towards the obstacle course for an intense boot camp.

My daughter working on her jumping jacks.

After such an exhausting boot camp, we headed inside for some snacks.

Awesome cake topper made by my creative sister-in-law, Lisa (Jadestone Studio).

Happy birthday buddy!